Glenda has always shown creativity through cartoons and line drawing and has explored several mediums such as pen and ink drawings, chalk and oil pastels, and acrylic painting.  As a young girl, her favorite past time was penciling sketches of funny stories and drawing cartoon caricatures of the people in her life.  Her father was also quite talented even though he had no formal training in art.  Glenda enjoyed art in college, although her intrigue for studying the depth of human character led her to the profession of education where she contributed 30 years as an educator and counselor in the Chandler Unified School District in Chandler, Arizona.  Never giving up her love of examining the dimensions of human qualities and animal behaviors, upon her retirement, Glenda began to explore her artistic talent through several art mediums.  Since 2008, she has investigated painting with oils and has developed her own technique and creative style.

Glenda's favorite subjects are animals.  She enjoys painting animals from the wild as well as tamed farm animals and portraits of domesticated pets.  Having always cared for and nurtured the pets in her home, as a young child she realized she loved animals and had a deep connection with them.  This passion serves as Glenda's guide in capturing the sleek and graceful behaviors of animals in their natural habitat and the personality and spirit of the beloved animal friend.

Glenda also enjoys painting people portraits and western themed paintings.  Adopting Arizona as her home state during her teens, she never tires from exploring the natural habitation of the desert and textures of the mountain regions she escapes to often during the summer.  The variety of sunset views, landscapes, and cultural surroundings offered in Arizona provide the backdrop for many of her paintings.