Who Me?

This portrait of a sweet young lady from Uzbekistan. Her hair style was so cute and in combination with her impish smile and charm, I had to commit her to canvas. She is quite a gifted dancer, even at the tender age of 6. 

Oil on canvas   18 x 14 

Available for sale


Regina is my niece. She is a beautiful, talented young woman. She plays the violin, is an outstanding student, and is passionate about her Christian faith. The painting is from a picture taken on her 16th birthday. I love her hat, sweet smile and personal strength. 

Oil on canvas   18 x 20 

Not for sale

A Dog"s Friend

This is a portrait of the son of a very dear friend and his dog. After sifting through many pictures, this one was chosen as a favorite. The love the dog has for his master is witnessed by the way he looks at “his” person. 

Oil on canvas   20 x 26 

Not for sale

A Moment in Maine

Several years ago I vacationed in Maine with a very dear friend. I snapped the photo during the early morning sunrise while she was in deep thought amidst a field of lush green bushes with the occasional clusters of wild flowers. It was on a hilltop overlooking a lighthouse on the ocean. I loved the way the morning sun highlighted her face and hair and thought that someday it would make a great painting. This rare and solitary moment of complete tranquility and peace has turned out to be one of my favorite photos of her. I decided to put paint to canvas in September of 2017 and finished it for her in time for Christmas. 

Oil on panel   20 x 20 

Not for sale

Little Feather

This painting is a portrait of a young girl who modeled at the Artist Ride in South Dakota. She loved having her picture taken and followed me around hoping to be the subject of several photos. I did take many posed pictures of her but when I caught her unaware, I knew that was the painting I wanted to do of her. 

Oil on panel   18 x 14

Available for sale